Take No Prisoners

Take-No-Prisoners 300
Kelly just wants to kick back with her friends, have a couple of beers, and maybe ogle some eye candy. Okay, definitely ogle some eye candy. It’s just her luck to find her hot co-worker Mack lying in wait for her. Giving into six months temptation, she agrees to a weekend fling, determined to taste the forbidden just once.

Mack can’t believe his good fortune when a night out with friends leads him straight to Kelly. He’s had enough of being kept at arm’s length and has big plans for her. Starting with the complete submission of her body and soul.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is an 11,000 word short story that was previously published as my other penname, Loribelle Hunt. It is intended for audiences 18+ and includes an excerpt of my short novel Defending Serenity.


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The bar is much more low key than the nightclubs where I usually meet my friends. Tonight I’m grateful for that. I don’t feel like dancing or dealing with strobe lights and the occasional creep with wandering hands. This place is dim and there’s country music playing on a juke box. There’s a bar on one wall, booths on the opposite and tables in the middle. I see a roomful of pool tables through the archway in the back.
My friends Janey Foster and Layla Banks wave at me from the booth in the back corner. I make my way through the crowd nodding at a table of MPs as I pass. The bar looks to be mostly soldiers, which isn’t surprising since it’s right off post.
“We ordered you a beer,” Layla says when I slide into the booth next to her.
She’s grinning like she has a big secret. “What’s going on?”
“Ask Janey.”
“Or don’t ask Janey,” our friend says repressively.
Whatever is going on she obviously doesn’t want to talk about which makes me curious. I arch an eyebrow and wonder if I’m going to have to drag it out of her or if someone is going to fill me in. She sighs.
“It’s no big deal. I saw Layla on a call today. Vandalism. The car’s owner asked me out is all.”
“You said no?”
We’d all been lamenting our lack of a sex life just a couple days ago. Maybe the guy is a toad.
“He is seriously hot, Kelly.” Or not. “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with her.”
“He’s an officer,” Janey says darkly. “And I’m not interested.”
Layla laughs. “Liar, liar.” She leans close to me with a conspiratorial whisper. “He’s here. He sent her a beer when we came in and she blushed about ten shades of red.”
Isn’t that interesting? “Is he an MP?”
I’m guessing not. Layla and Janey are both MPs. Janey is a master sergeant like me, though I’m in CID, and Layla a staff sergeant. They’d never date an officer in their chain of command, and none of them would ask.
“He’s air assault,” Layla offers helpfully.
I’m not surprised Janey turned him down. She hasn’t had much luck with men and avoids anyone with dominant alpha tendencies. An infantry officer would probably make her pretty damned leery. She definitely doesn’t look happy about the direction of the conversation either. He got to her and I want to check this guy out.
“Where is he?” I ask.
Janey angles her chin towards the pool room. “Far right. Jeans. Light blue shirt.”
I twist around to check him out. He’s playing with two other guys. From here he does look pretty damned hot. That shirt fits like skin. No mistaking he’s muscular and cut. He lines up a shot, takes it, and misses. When he looks up his gaze goes straight to Janey who’s making it a point to ignore him. His remote eyes meet mine for a second before he turns back to his friends.
Layla nudges me. “Hot right? She should go for it.”
“You think he’s so hot you go for it,” Janey mutters. She stands up. “I’m sorry y’all. It’s been a long fucking week. I’m gonna go home, veg in front of the tv and crash.”
That sounds good to me too actually.
“At least finish your beer,” Layla says but Janey smiles and shakes her head.
“I need to get out of here. I’ll see y’all later.”
I’m tempted to leave too but Layla gives me the evil eye. I take Janey’s side of the booth instead.
“What else happened this week? Janey doesn’t seem herself.”
Janey is usually calm and upbeat. Layla shrugs.
“It’s been busy. Lotta bullshit calls. Then there’s the deployment coming up. I know she’s been busy with a bunch of stuff for that.”
Nothing out of the ordinary then, just a lot going on. Across the room I see the air assault guy hand his cue to his friend and begin to make his way out of the bar. Is he going after Janey? Layla notices too. Her eyes narrow as they track him.
“I’ll make sure she’s okay,” she says standing. “Order me another beer, will you?”
The waitress brings us another beer and a couple minutes later Layla returns grinning like a loon.
“She okay?”
“Judging by the way she was plastered against him? Hell yeah.”
That surprises me but she’s a grown woman. Her beer is still sitting on the table almost full. Layla notices me checking it and sobers.
“That’s all she had. If she wants to go home with the hot guy there’s no reason for us to stick our noses in.”
I nod. She’s right. Honestly, I’m a little jealous. I wouldn’t mind some smoking hot sex myself. Unfortunately the only man that gets me going lately is the last one I should pick.
“Hey, there’s Mack and Eli,” she says waving.
Fighting back a groan, I turn to look over my shoulder. Sure enough, thinking about the man has conjured him up. Eli stops at the table of MPs but Mack swaggers over to our table. He nudges me and I scoot over so he can sit next to me. He stretches his arm over the book of the booth. His fingers brush over my shoulder for such a brief moment I think I might have imagined it. Not that it matters. That soft touch, his closeness, his clean masculine scent—like soap and rain and wildness–it all makes me crazy.
“We’re going to Excite later. Want to come?”
Now there’s a double entendre if I ever heard one. I force a laugh because no way am I going there with Mack tonight. And I don’t mean the club.
“Not my scene. You know that.”
Though Excite isn’t a sex club, it’s the closest thing to one I’ve ever been to. Full nudity is frowned on but there are plenty of dark corners to take advantage of. And frankly you don’t have to get completely naked to have sex. The regulars of Excite have found all the loopholes, believe me. I’ve been there often enough to know I’m not a voyeur nor an exhibitionist. Maybe that makes me a prude but some things I just prefer to keep private.
Mack apparently is quite comfortable there, however. He’s invited me to join him there a couple of times. I’ve known him about six months, since he transferred here and started sharing office space with me. The proximity is making me a little crazy, and my poor vibrator has been through the ringer. He infuriates me, he makes me laugh, and he sure as hell turns me on, but I’m not about to risk my reputation to test an attraction for someone I work with. He’s not in my chain of command but work place romances are a bad idea in the military just as much as they are in the civilian world. A one night stand would be just as awful. I need to get out of here before I give into temptation and drag him home with me. Because the truth is I’m crazy about him and I have serious reservations about my willpower when it comes to resisting his invitations. Thankfully, Eli arrives and unwittingly helps me out.
“Let’s shoot some pool before we head to Excite,” he says to Mack, who nods and leaves the booth.
Layla follows them into the next room and I head for the door before anyone notices I’m gone. I’m almost to my car when I realize Mack is behind me. He plucks the keys out of my hand and maneuvers me into the passenger seat before I can blink. Not sure if I should be pissed or amused, I watch him slide behind the wheel and turn the switch. He casually rests his hands on it and stares out the window.
“Did you want something?” I ask.
He gives me a hot, hooded look that makes me squeeze my thighs together. “Other than you, you mean?”
I suck in a breath, hold it. I know he’s just teasing me, but it hurts. He’s after a one night stand, maybe even a short fling or friends with benefits scenario. That’s not my style. I shake my head.
“Why do we keep having this conversation?”
He shrugs and smiles slightly. “Because you keep pushing me away?”
I roll my eyes.
“Then you turn around and flirt with me,” he adds, raising his eyebrows.
The man has lost his mind. “I do not. I talk to you. Friends talk. We are friends, aren’t we, Mack?”
He’s silent a long moment, and I reach for his hand. Can’t I at least have that much?
“I don’t think I can be just friends with you anymore, Kelly.”
Regret and a sense of impending loss nearly overwhelm me.
“Well, we’re at an impasse then, because I can’t take the risk. Besides,” I rush on, tackling another of my concerns head on. “I’ve heard the rumors. I know what you’re into and that’s not my thing.”
“How do you know? You’ve never tried it.”
I haven’t, but oh I’ve been tempted. The things I’ve heard about Mack’s sexual preferences make me dizzy with possibilities. Bondage. Dominance. Things I’ve only fantasized about since he’s the only man I might trust that much.
“You’re thinking about it,” he says with a sexy grin, as if he read my mind.
I can’t deny I’m attracted to him, but I’m not about to admit the rest. “About having sex with you? Sure. But I have no interest in being dominated or having no control.”
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
“That’s not what it’s about, Kelly,” he says. “It’s about you trusting me enough to let go of control. We can stop anytime you want to. I’d never push you farther than you’re comfortable with.”
I stare out at the night, thinking about it. If I close my eyes I can see us together. I have the sneaking suspicion it would be ten times better than my fantasies. And I’ve had plenty of them involving giving Mack total control. A shiver runs up my spine.
“Say yes,” he whispers, bringing my knuckles to his mouth and nibbling lightly. Tendrils of heat curl through me, and I stop fighting it. The decision was made when I saw him walk into the bar tonight. Without turning to look at him, I slowly nod my head.

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